VINCENZO PICOTTI - Curriculum vitae :


Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences,

Bologna University
Via Zamboni, 67, 40127 Bologna, Italy
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BSc and MSc  in Geology, July 1985 from the University of Bologna, Proff. A. Castellarin and L. Rossi, advisors.  Thesis title: The Geology of the Marmarole Group in the eastern Dolomites: Triassic tectonics and stratigraphy.

PhD in Earth Sciences, May, 1990 from the University of Bologna, Prof A. Castellarin, advisor.  Thesis title: The Jurassic rifting and its role in the Neogene compressional evolution of the central Southern Alps (Lake Garda to Lake Iseo).
Post-collisional evolution of the orogens, with emphasis on Neogene to recent (active) tectonics and sedimentation. Regional geology of Southern Alps and Apennines of Italy..
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, 1993-94, at the University of Pavia, with research on stratigraphic
correlations across platform and basins in the central Southern Alps.

Assistant Professor (“Ricercatore”), April 1999–2011, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Bologna University.
Associate Professor ("Professore di seconda fascia") 2011 to present.
Coordinator of a research project founded by the Italian Oil Company (AGIP) on the Tectonics of the Adriatic foredeep (1998 – 1999).
Associate Editor, Giornale di Geologia (1999 – 2002)
Co-Convener in the session SE11-02 “Convergent margins: collision, exhumation and related processes” of the EGS (European Geophysical Society) meeting in Nice (France) 2000.
Co-Leader of a post-congress field trip of the “6th International Symposium on the Jurassic System”, Palermo 12-22 September 2002.
Member of the Reading  Committee of the Ph.D. thesis of I. Kroon: “The strength of the Adriatic lithosphere”, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, 2002.
Member of the Reading Committee of the Ph.D. thesis of P. Mosca: “Cenozoic basin evolution in the Western Po Plain (NW Italy). Insights from seismic interpretation, subsidence analysis and low temperature (U-Th/He) thermochronology”, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, 2006.
Director of field activity and Scientific Coordinator of some official Geological Maps (1:50.000) of the central Southern Alps for the Italian Geological Survey.
Member of the “Collegio dei Docenti” of the Ph.D. in Earth Sciences of the Bologna University
Zattin M., Picotti V. and Zuffa G.G., 2002 – Fission-track reconstruction of the front of the northern Apennine thrust wedge and overlying Ligurian unit. American Journal of Sciences, 302, 346-379.

Fellin M. G., Picotti V. & Zattin M., 2005 - Neogene to Quaternary rifting and inversion in north-eastern Corsica : retreat and collision in the Western Mediterranean . Tectonics, 24, TC1011, doi:10.129/2003TC001613.

Willett S., Schlunegger F., Picotti V., 2006, Messinian climate change and erosional destruction of the central European Alps, Geology, 34, 8, 613-616.

Picotti, V., Capozzi, R., Bertozzi, G., Mosca, F., Sitta, A., Tornaghi M., 2007 – The Miocene petroleum system of the Northern Apennines in the central Po Plain (Italy). In: Lacombe, O., Lavé J., Roure, F., Vergés J. (eds), Thrust belts and foreland basins. From fold Kinematics to Hydrocarbon Systems, Springer Verlag, 117-131.

Picotti, V., and F. J. Pazzaglia (2008), A new active tectonic model for the construction of the Northern Apennines mountain front near Bologna ( Italy ), J. Geophys. Res., 113, B08412, doi:10.1029/2007JB005307doi:10.1029/2004JF000167.