NEVIO ZITELLINI - Curriculum vitae :


ISMAR CNR (Institute of Marine Science - National Research Council),
Via P. Gobetti 40129 101, Bologna (Italy)

Phone +39 051 6398890

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Laurea in Geology, 1977, University of Bologna

MA in Marine Geophysics, 1991, Columbia University (NY, USA)
He has a research interest in Marine Geology and Geophysics ranging from Magnetometric and Gravimetric researches, Multichannel Seismic Reflection data interpretation and elaboration, to structural and tectonic studies. In the last years he was deeply involved in the study of  tsunami events and on the development of Tsunami Early Warning Systems.
Director of Research at CNR-ISMAR (Bologna) - Italy
Research Scientist at I.G.M (Istituto di Geologia Marina of C.N.R, now ISMAR-BO) on 1982; Senior Researcher on 1996, and since 1998, Research Director in the same Institution.
Research Scientist at I.G.M (Istituto di Geologia Marina of C.N.R, now ISMAR-BO) on 1982; Senior Researcher on 1996, and since 1998, Research Director in the same Institution. Leader of several scientific cruises and participant in many others. Past projects: regional studies on the Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia and Sicily Channels, Adriatic Sea, Red Sea, Scotia Arc, Bouvet Triple Junction and SW African Continental Margin. Recent projects: Gulf of Cadiz, NW African and Portuguese continental margins. He benefitted from several national/foreign fellowships.  P.I of the EU project BIGSETS, co-coordinator of the ESF project SWIM and presently coordinator of the EU project NEAREST (Integrated Observation from Near Shore sources of Tsunamis: toward an early warning system). During last ten years teacher of Marine Geology, Marine Geophysics and Solid  Earth at University. Other activities: Member of the Steering Committee of the Antarctic National Research program. Director pro tempore of  IGM from Sep. 1991 to June 1992. Director pro tempore of  ISMAR from April 1st, 2007 to Sept.30, 2008.
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