Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis Geomechanical modeling
Petroleum System Evaluation Long-term monitoring for gas storages
Seismic data interpretation Digital Topography in GIS environment
Pre-Seismic Survey Geologic Studies Fracture Characterization
Basin Analysis
Long term subsidence monitoring 

Geophi performs geo-environmental monitoring of production and injection of fluids by continuous analysis of induced ground deformation by the integration of different techniques:

- Reservoir behavior (fluid pressure and volumes)
- GPS (local station)
- Satellite Interferometry
- Estensimeters
- Piezometers
- Geodetic leveling

The monitoring is mainly focused on the discrimination between natural and induced factors affecting the ground movements around a hydrocarbon field or a UGS facility, and is used for downstream risk assessment.
Our experience is also devoted to strategic planning of future designed monitoring systems.

Quality check of the data can be reported at different time scale, i.e. for Italy, semiannual reports are prepared to satisfy the new “guidelines on seismicity, ground deformation and pore pressures monitoring of human activities” established by the Italian Minister of Economic Development.