Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis Geomechanical modeling
Petroleum System Evaluation Long-term monitoring for gas storages
Seismic data interpretation Digital Topography in GIS environment
Pre-Seismic Survey Geologic Studies Fracture Characterization
Basin Analysis

The analysis can be performed on operating facilities, for improving knowledge of reservoir behavior, and are perfectly suited to design future activities, for hazards and risks evaluation.

Our models are based on semi-analytical (Eshelby’s inhomogeneity problem) and numerical approaches (Finite Element Method) and are able to describe reservoir behavior and its related hazards .

Through the analysis of reservoir geology, volume and pressure histories, and seismic interpretation, we can evaluate:

-geo-mechanical parameters trough inversion of geodetic measurements ;

-reservoir behavior for better strategic use ;

-failure and deformation potentials on seal/reservoir for geological risk assessment (subsidence, deformations, induced seismicity);