Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis Geomechanical modeling
Petroleum System Evaluation Long-term monitoring for gas storages
Seismic data interpretation Digital Topography in GIS environment
Pre-Seismic Survey Geologic Studies Fracture Characterization
Basin Analysis
The study of fractured and faulted reservoirs is a difficult task because the fluid flow behavior is heterogeneous and dependent on a number of factors such as fracture/fault network connectivity, fracture/fault petrophysical properties, lithology of the deformed reservoir, in-situ stress state, and fault development architecture.

We provide techniques based on field analogs and geomechanical modeling to characterize fracture/faults geometry and connectivity in different rock types and to evaluate their petrophysical properties (fracture/fault porosity, permeability, capillary pressure).
The relationships between stress state and fluid flow are also characterized with analytical and numerical models based on geomechanics principles.

We can perform fault seal analysis in clastic reservoir as a function of displacement and sand/shale or clay gouge ratio and evaluate the trasmissivity or sealing potential of fault zones.