Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis Geomechanical modeling
Petroleum System Evaluation Long-term monitoring for gas storages
Seismic data interpretation Digital Topography in GIS environment
Pre-Seismic Survey Geologic Studies Fracture Characterization
Basin Analysis

Faults arrays, fault propagation folds, trishear, structure reactivation are complex structural, three dimensional, problems that need to be characterized in their geometry, timing, evolution and impact on  development of petroleum systems.

The study of the natural seepages provides key information for understanding the origin of fluid components (brines and hydrocarbons), fluid migration mechanisms and migration pathways, depending on stratigraphic and geologic control.

Geophi offers a wide range of studies on natural seepages. The studies integrate the geochemical characterization of hydrocarbons and brines with surface and subsurface data for the reconstruction of the geological setting, driving fluid expulsion and migration.

This allows to fully evaluating the tectono-thermal history of the petroleum system. Specific techniques may be applied in the marine environment such as analysis of methane-derived authigenic carbonates to infer hydrocarbons fluxes to the seafloor.